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Para su comodidad, hemos recopilado una lista de las preguntas más frecuentes sobre nuestros servicios de capacitación profesional y sus respuestas.

How much does it cost to receive JOIN’s services?

There is no charge for any service if you are an eligible client or employment partner.

I don’t live in a community that has a JOIN Inc. office; can I still get assistance?

Yes. You may go to any JOIN Inc. office located throughout Northern Nevada or call for further assistance.

Where does JOIN Inc. get the funding to provide free services?

JOIN Inc. is a private, community benefit organization funded by grants and private donations.

What is the minimum age requirement for JOIN Inc. services?

The minimum age is 17; there is no maximum age. JOIN Inc. prohibits any discrimination based on age, gender, race, nationality, veteran status, religion, disability, or sexual preference. JOIN Inc. offices are ADA accessible and other reasonable accommodations may be made when requested.

What types of career training are available from JOIN Inc.?

JOIN Inc. provides career training in each local job market and in industry sectors that have the most employment potential. These sectors may vary as our economy grows more diverse:

  • Clean Energy
  • Healthcare and Medical Services
  • Construction
  • Logistics and Operations
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Natural Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Tourism/Gaming/Entertainment
  • Agriculture
  • Aerospace and Defense

How do I donate to JOIN?

Thank you for considering a donation to JOIN! You can donate here.


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